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I was getting these odd text messages from, I wasnt even aware of who they were or how they got my number to text me. I stopped the texts from coming in by responding STOP.

Than I got another text stating: You will no longer be charged for this service. What service, who the *** were they?

Well a few days later I recieved my cell phone find a charge of $9.99 to PredictoMobile, plus a huge casual data use of 2016 KB with a charge of $60.48. My cell phone company deleted the fees, but PredictoMobile should be stopped.

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Same thing happened to me recently. I had to get the $9.99 charge removed from my bill as well.

I knew I got scammed.

I now have texting disabled on my cell phone due to scammers! ;)


About one month ago, I started receiving those text messages on my cellphone [ATT provider]. I just cancel or delete them.

I don't have the text message option.

My Husband is looking at our bill right now.

Thank you for posting it.

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