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No purchase necessary to play or win.

Answer one survey question, they send you a 6 digit number by texting...enter that number online and presto you just signed up to their scam for 9.99 per month!!!

Now you have to find them on line, then customer service and argue with them while they tell you how exactley you signed up.

No where is it mentioned that a cost is involved on the survey, by the time you get your cell phone bill a month has passed and you have been a member so they won't take the charge off.

Do the math...9.99 times a million..i guess they can afford to give away 50k as a prize....nice of them...

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My son (12 yrs old) has a phone and has been billed 9.99 a month. I went to Alltel to find out how this got on our bill and it is from doing those surveys people send you on facebook and you have to put your number in to get the results. Please inform your kids if anybody sends them a survey and after taking it asks for your number don't do it!

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