Just checking our family T-Mobile billing details, noticed a $9.99 charge on daughter's phone for a service called Predictomobile. When we called T-Mobile, we were told to text a message to the original six-digit number saying "stop." She did this and got a return message saying she was unsubscribed. However, she claims she does not remember subscribing in the first place. I also received a call asking me to answer a survey question, and being an adult, I promptly told them we were on the national do not call list and hung up. This is a scam because they do not clearly tell kids they are selling some service, and this could happen to millions of kids before anybody can stop it. Keep an eye on your cell phone bill.

Luckily T-Mobile has all the details of each bill on line so we can look at them any time.

I feel this is one more symptom of the lack of basic morality, a simple concept of right and wrong, that has become part of our culture. What kind of thinking can make it okay to scam kids???

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Does anyone know of a lawsuit pending against predicto? They billed my account for 12 months before I noticed it (dumb me) and now they won't give me my money back.

They keep saying they will send me 39.00 but haven't eaven sent that amount. I would like to join a lawsuit and teach them a lesson about putting their hands into other peoles pockets for the purpose of STEALING.


predicto is a a real website that gives real prizes, it isnt a scam.


Just argued with predicto after calling 1800 360 0518. Would not refund my 9.99.

Said their data base showed where we made up a pin and accepted the membership. Well once I said I wanted a copy of the data base ,time date and pin used to take it to my lawyer they said OK we will send you 9.99 back. I thought so.

They have no proof. What a SCAM!


I just called the number provided by Betsy above (1-800-360-0518) fought with them for 10 minutes and they are sending a refund check.


Unfortunately I am not as savvy as the younger generation and my grown children insisted I get a computer. Trying very hard to teach myself how to use the internet, I seemed to end up with Predicto on several Sprint bills.

My husband didn't realize what it was and paid the bill every month.

as soon as I saw it on this last bill I called a representative at Sprint to have it taken off immediately because I had tried several times to remove it and it kept coming up as $9.99 each month. I would love to get my money back..I will be making calls to whomever and where ever I have to so I can retrieve my money.....


PredictoMobile charged my Verizon phone 9.99 this month. I did not order their service!!

I called Verizon and they told me to text "stop" to their 654654 number. Verizon did not refund my money.

I also called Predicto and they sent me a cancellation confirmation over the phone. Hope they do not show up on my other lines.


Was bill $9.99 on my Verizon bill. Had no idea what it was.

I had been receiving texts from them and thought it was just spam, so I deleted them. They tell me I signed up for the service. I told them I would never knowingly sign up for such a service. They couldn't tell me where I signed up.

They just told me it was from a third party web site. I'm reporting them to the BBB.


The same happened here. Predicto charged my moms line and she didnt know what it was.

I handle all the billing so when I noticed it I called tmobile and they told me to text stop to the number 654654.

I hope it doesnt come back on the next bill. :(


:( I also had the "$9.99" charge on my Sprint bill. Spoke with representative at Sprint who informed me of the 3rd party charge by Predicto Mobile.

Rep gave me the number 1-800-360-0518 of PM. Rep from PM advised me that i received a SMS and that I replied to this SMS. Totally untrue!! Rep said they couldn't refund the charge, but would remove me from their account.

Recalled Sprint who then reversed the charge and blocked all 3rd party's from accessing my mobile number. BE AWARE!


So, I had the same issue, never heard of this company until I saw the $9.99 on my Sprint bill. Sprint took the charge off & blocked my account so third parties cannot access my account anymore.

What I'm wondering is, do I have to still try to contact PredictoMobile to make sure they don't try to bill me some other way? Or should this be the end of the issue, once they realize they cannot bill through my cell service?


they got both my 16 year old and 14 year old both are honor students who know enough to check and see if they will be charged yet niether had any idea


First of all you must work for predicto or a company like them. Secondly, correct it is up to the comsumer to KNOW AND EXCEPT what they are signing up for!

They are nothing but scam artists and someone needs to do something about it.

I was falsely charged $9.99 as well. They told me that I responded yes to a text that they had sent me. I knew that I didn't respond to that so I called my service provider, Which is alltel, and I had them pull up my account to see if they had a message of me responding to predicto mobile and the answer was no!One of the agents there was just as ticked off as I was and told me what to do right away.

Predicto Mobile is BS and I can't say what I really want to but everyone stay cautious and check your phone bills constantly.DO NOT LET THEM TELL YOU ITS YOUR FAULT!!! :( :( :(

Aitkin, Minnesota, United States #41113

“We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please note that we at PredictoMobile take customer satisfaction very seriously and would like address any concerns. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800-360-0518 so that we can resolve your inquiry. Keep in mind, our toll-free customer service number is also posted on our website as well as included in SMS messages sent to your phone.

Please note that a customer enrolls in our service by submitting their cell phone number on the PredictoMobile sign-up page which clearly explains the terms and conditions including price of service and billing to the cell phone. We then send the user a text message to their personal cell phone which again details this information. In order to activate the account, the user must then enter the PIN on our website or reply with a confirmation from their cell phone. The clear disclosures and double opt-in process ensures high levels of consumer protection and satisfaction. Again, we look forward to speaking with you and resolving any concerns which you may have.”


Customer Service



These bandits did the same to my stepson, i called and spoke to some gal with an accent thren her so-called supervisor that assured me it will be refunded but i suspect they will do nothing as they laugh all the way to the bank,,,I'm taking legal action today, 1st calls? ftc, fcc, then consumer reports..


PredictoMobile is totally BS. They are stealing money from us.

T-mobile should stop authorizing charges from third party services. It's really annoying and frustration. T-mobile should focus only on their own bill rather than charging some other third party bill. It's totally unethical to charge without permission.

They should sent to jail.



We too have been billed on our Sprint bill for 9.99 a month by PredictoMobile. First call to Sprint was not helpful although they did credit my account.

2nd month I talked to more knowledgeable agent who told be PM was a web company and put a block on the "service" and refunded charge. Called PM and got it canceled as well.

PM claimed that I had responded on the web by entering a pin. Total BS.


Oh yeah, here is contact info I got from CS rep on phone:

Predictomobile LLC

One Bridge Plaza Suite 275

Fort Lee NJ 07024


I spoke with Nellie @ X14251 and Sarah at 18636


Same Here. I spoke at length with customer service.

They claimed we signed up and had a ip address out of california that we signed up with. Well, we are in the midwest so that is impossible.

Supposed to be hearing something back from corporate. Thanks for the class action website.


I had $9.99 added to my sprint bill and never signed up with Predictomobile. They would not reverse the charge.

I have filed a complaint with the FCC. If you have trouble with Predictomobile file a complaint too!


:( Definelty geared towards kids. Our 16 year old also said she never subscribed to anything. She also said if she was told that there would be a $9.99 charge added to the phone bill she would have told them she had to check with her folks as she is a MINOR and can not enter into any contract involving a payment arrangement!!

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